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Advantages of Pravasi Chits


Unlike many chit Services, the Pravasi chit offers a lot of features for its customers. All the services, starting from chit selection to prize money collection can be made online. A 24x7 online call center to support the customers anytime, anywhere.Chit Insurance cover and, an optional pension deposit scheme are the major features incorporated in the Chits.


A unique group life insurance scheme providing cover for death or disability for non-default subscriber. In the untoward event of death of a subscriber provision for transporting the dead body of the subscriber to the homeland along with a companion shall be organised know more..

Pension Deposit Scheme

The chit subscribers have the option of depositing the prize money in an optional group pension scheme by which they would be entitled to an annual pension on return to the homeland. The option can be taken by filling up the online form.know more..

100% Trust

Safe Deposit

24 Hours Assistance

Now with KSFE Pravasi Chitties, you can contribute to the development of the State. Wondering how?

In addition to empowering the returnees through financial support for their ventures in the state, Pravasi Chits gives the pravasi’s an opportunity to partake in the overall infrastructural development of the State. Expatriates can help the state realise the development dreams by joining the chitty. On March 3rd 2017 the then Finance Minister in his budget speech stated, “… it is intended to make use of Chitty for the development of the state. No NRK has to contribute single paise to Government for this purpose. All that they have to do is to join in NRI chitty of KSFE.”

With this scheme, investments are being generated and put to use for the overall growth of the state in the field of infrastructure development, health, education, public service, public works, social security et. Rs.10,000 crores out of a total of Rs.50,000 crores for various developmental activities for the next five years of the state are expected to be raised through the Pravasi chitties.

Chit Subscription Options

100,000 30 30,00,000
50,000 40 20,00,000
40,000 25 10,00,000
25,000 40 10,00,000
20,000 25 5,00,000
12,500 40 5,00,000
16,000 25 4,00,000
10,000 30 3,00,000
8000 25 2,00,000
5000 40 2,00,000
4000 25 1,00,000
2500 40 1,00,000

A summary