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Now with KSFE Pravasi chitty, you can contribute to the development of Kerala.

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About Pravasi Chitty

KSFE Pravasi Chitty is a unique financial savings scheme introduced for the welfare of Malayalees abroad. It's many things, under a single scheme. It is a chitty scheme with insurance coverage and pension plan. It has an online portal and a Mobile application that allows you to join chits, pay installments, and take part in chit auction from anywhere, anytime. It also gives NRI's, an opportunity to partake in the overall infrastructural development of the State. Moreover, the Pravasi Chits also has many features that make it a unique financial saving structure amidst other financial instruments.

How are KSFE Pravasi chits different from other savings schemes?

Pravasi Chits are run by Kerala State Financial Enterprises, established by the Government of Kerala. Unlike other chit funds, Pravasi chits offer a lot of features for its customers. All services, starting from chit selection, instalment payment, online auction and prize money collection can be done online. We also have a 24x7 online call center to support our customers. Chit Insurance cover and, an optional pension deposit scheme is also incorporated in the Pravasi chits.

Kerala State Financial Enterprises, popularly known as KSFE, is a miscellaneous non-banking financial company, exclusively owned by Govt of Kerala.Spread throughout the state, it has over 565 branches spread and boasts of a turnover of INR 32,000 crores.Know more..

Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB) came into existence on 11.11.1999 under the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Act 1999 (Act 4 of 2000) to manage the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund. Know more..

You Need these things to Register

1. Passport/PIO/OCI

*Except OCI/PIO Holders

3. Expat ID/ Labour ID

4. Mobile Number (for OTP verfication)


Online Auction Room

A safe and secure online auction room is developed specially for auctions. It is uniquely designed to keep the auctions simple, hassle free and transparent. Customers can login via mobile/desktop from any part of the world via internet access.

24x7 Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is the primary priority of Pravasi chits. Our dedicated 24x7 contact centre is committed to help you with your questions and doubts always. Apart from our contact centre we are also available on socail media, whatsapp number.

Easy Payment

Payment gateways are integrated with Pravasi chits. Subscribers can pay the installments using internet banking or debit cards. We are trying our best to enable more payment gateways, e wallets, epay and mobile payments in the near future.

Online Security Process

We have enhanced our securitization process to a completely digital platform. With the files being digital, different processes of securitization can be completed in minimum days. With the help of our contact centre it will be easy for the subscribers to track the status of the security documents.


A unique group life insurance scheme providing cover for death or disability for non-default subscriber. In the untoward event of death of a subscriber provision for transporting the dead body of the subscriber to the homeland along with a companion shall be organised know more..

Pension Deposit Scheme

The chit subscribers have the option of depositing the prize money in an optional group pension scheme by which they would be entitled to an annual pension on return to the homeland. The option can be taken by filling up the online form.
know more..